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Lilwunders’ Funkanators


Welcome to the world of Lilwunders, the place to jumpstart your imagination! Meet The Funkanators. They were formed before time, in between the moment light blasted into darkness. They’re in the already there and the not yet, and in the cracks of the mundane. In a world where the journey changes from rollercoaster to doldrums, The Funkanators are there to encourage and bring some funk and soul into your daily! They bring the bling, the awe, and wonder to the imagination. Don’t forget! Once you got a Funkanator, you can also be that Funkanator to the people around you. 



Lilianna Manahan is a Filipina designer based in Manila, Philippines. She was awarded as one of Maison et Objet Asia’s Rising Talents of 2014. As a multidisciplinary designer of everything wonder, her work ranges from design objects to jewelry, with her drawings and art as the anchor that holds it all together. Liliannas work speaks of the journey of discovering the nuances of wonder, beauty and the imagination and invites everyone to come alongside this pursuit.


*There are 15 Funkanators with 3 rarity levels of 200, 100, and 10.

2022 Funkanators
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