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It's a celebration of Creation. 

It's Gods grand design coming out from darkness to light, 

suspended in time for you to enjoy in slow motion. 

It's the accent to your day. 

Your everyday heirloom. 

It's a reminder to see the ups and downs, 

the spirals and straight lines, 

the imperfections and awkward moments of life 

Through the lens of a future hope. 

To put that skip, run, and bounce to every ounce 

In the steps you take now. 

It's many glimmers gathered into one, 

till they become something your eyes could never dream.

Funk in flux is a celebration of the nuances in life that are forming into something beyond 

what you can imagine.They’re there to remind you of the good days and bad days,

and the in betweens where you create where you are, catch a laugh, or bust a move.


The age old process of lost wax casting is applied 

to this collection. Each piece contains components 

that were carved in wax by Lilianna, and sent 

to craftsmen to be casted in silver and assembled by hand then plated in 24k gold.

Each piece is multiplied but uniquely handmade in small batches or limited editions. 



4th Solo Exhibit / Modeka Art Gallery

March 27 — April 24, 2021

One day the world stopped turning and came to a halt. All at once, our worlds became smaller, but the borders of our minds expanded beyond limits. 


With nothing but  paper, paint, wax, metal leaf and a huge desk, I challenged myself to see the wonder in the uncertain and mundane. Working with only the materials I had on hand, she pushed my creativity to limits I had never reached. 


Going back to basics, I started drawing to tell stories rather than dictate plans; after all, we had all the time in the world to listen. Armed with basic drawing tools- pens, pencils and paper and an infinite number of combinations of circles, lines and squares, I observed tones, light, shadows and luster, and brought them together to tell her story. I applied these new iterations of shape, light, shadow to different forms of metal and the result were new creations she never would have discovered without limits.


Throughout all this, the beauty and hope of freedom found in limitations became the shining beacon in a world that could only see shadows.

2021 Unlimited


Light Sculptures | Black Iron, LED

I started out by sketching using maquettes. For 3D objects I think better when I make models.

Here I explored how manipulating paper easily translates to metal. These pieces address the idea of the paradox of needing darkness to see brighter lights, and how even in the darkest times we get glimpses of hope. They are a play of light and shadow, where shadows are part of a composition rather than an aspect to be eliminated. 

2021 Bright Shadows


Paper, Metal Leaf, Gouache

These drawings continue the exploration of the nuances of metal leaf and paper.


“Post tenebras, lux” means after darkness, light. This is a great encouragement that I want to share. The longings we have in dark times indicate that perhaps this is not all there is,and that the glimmers of the hope we find in them show there is a bigger hope to look forward to.