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Colored Bone China, hand painted patterns

The Lascaux Cave paintings showed man’s celebration of their finest hunts. The Ouga Bouga Vessels take inspiration from these cave paintings with imagined recordings of what creation would have looked like if someone were able to witness it. 


I hand painted each vase myself. They all have similar elements in the patterns but no two are alike.

2018 Ouga Bouga Vessels


Colored Bone China

The Play Series is meant to encourage people to go beyond the idea of the vase, object and flower arrangements. Given the jumpstart through the vessel, the user can go wild with their creativity and express their imagination and literally bring it to the table!

2018 Play Vessels


Sculpted and casted sterling silver, gold plated parts

An archaeological artifact shows us how people from a specific time, place and culture lived. Spring Swing takes on this principle in the realm of the mind, where memories contribute in influencing our actions and character. Each vessel illustrates a record of personal memories with a seemingly hopeless and uncertain pattern, followed by a breakthrough that forms new memories and a renewed mind. They depict the feeling after the breakthrough happens, best expressed in the combination of the language of surf culture and dance. 


Three changes are shown. Uncertainty bears hope, confusion cultivates discernment, and folly paves way to wisdom. It has made me think that perhaps there is a reason as to why these memories are even there and leaves these questions. What are they for? Does everyone want this? Can we cause that breakthrough to happen on our own? 


Spring Swing celebrates all of this; the ugly memories coupled with the beautiful ones. 

2018 Spring Swing


Hand carved stone, cast brass parts

Mini Monoliths is a collaboration between stonecutters trained at Escuella Taller who trained under a Mexican stone carver. The stone used here is carved out of solid blocks of local material from Ilocos . The accents are cast brass, also made locally. The forms take reference from the Roman Colosseum walls and a pop of fun with the brass. 


Escuella Taller aims to train out-of-school youths artisanal craft skills to keep these traditions alive and adapted to the skill set of the Philippine craftsman, and local materials.

2018 Mini Monolith
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