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Hand Sculpted Glass / Collaboration with Czech glass blowers

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The Summer Sundays Series was aimed to make more functional glass pieces, with its goal to bring people together through gatherings. Hailing from memories of my grandma’s food to feelings of warmth and laughter around a barbecue with friends, Summer Sundays celebrates all of this.


My process was centered around observing the glass maker’s different techniques of making textures and creating forms. I combined this knowledge that was acquired on the spot with a crash course of glass history. All of these pieces though different in form and texture, all showcase a glimpse of the vastness that glass can be.

2017 Summer Sundays


The Smurf Jars emerged from a a combination of exploring the immediate surroundings of our Czech glass blower’s neighborhood, mushroom picking and rummaging through his newly acquired collection of vintage glass blowing molds. 


The result was a small series of hybrid design objects using the molds, the use of summer colors in lavender, blues, accented with manipulation and gothic glass sculpting techniques. The finish of the glass took reference from my great interest in Roman glass, where a patina had been formed from it being buried in the ground for hundreds of years.

2017 Smurf Jars


The Picnic capsule also emerged from observing and exploring our Czech glass blower’s neighborhood and rummaging through his new collection of vintage glass blowing molds. This bowl showcases traditional colors glass makers used, particularly the rose, lavender, and milky pink, accented with mid century and gothic glass sculpting techniques.

2017 Picnic


This was another set of hybrid design objects that made use of the many vintage glass molds my and my two fellow designers found in the storage area of our Czech glass blower. Most of them were perfume and whiskey bottles from the 1920s and 1930s. Here I used the delicious and traditional rose color and milky pink, with emerald greens as an accent. I continued to use enlarged midcentury and gothic glass sculpting techniques to accent the pieces.

2017 Playground