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Sculpted marble, travertine, arabescato rosso, carrara, giallo sienna


Con Fide is latin for "with faith", the root for the word confidence. Each marble section has a texture and characteristic depicting the progression from stability rising up to a delicate tension of balance, as each piece anchors the other. As a whole, this is a story of the dance between humility, harmony, and majesty working together to rise with confidence and strength. 


The process of this piece aims to showcase the majestic material formed by the earth, as well as the product of the crosshairs of technology and the traditional craft of marble sculpting by hand. Each piece is plotted out on CAD, cut by machine powered water jets and fine tuned, finished and joined by hand. 

This piece had gone through several trials itself, from the back and forth in refining, to its journey being shipped from Italy. The first shipment had sunk in the Indian Ocean due to a big storm that managed to topple the container this piece was in. There are now fish happily living within Carrara marble at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. The second of its biggest trial was the restraints of quarantine during the COVID pandemic. But true to its name it made to its final home and the hope that lies in the veins of pandemic.

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