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Sculpted paper, gouache, metal leaf

The rhythm of music and the visuals of an artwork are two mediums that transcend language,
as the two draw out emotions that deem words unnecessary. What takes ten words to
eloquently express are heard in a stanza, and are felt in a single brush stroke.

Lilianna’s love for music is part of her working process. The unique rhythms and emotions of
jazz, funk, hip hop, Kpop and K-hiphop are what inspire this body of work. Lilianna created her
own language in her art, with each shape of the paper cut outs representing an expression of an
emotion that comes together, capturing a moment in time. These moments whether they are
beautiful, sad or mundane, are snapshots of our lives.

The medium of paper reflects the malleability of human emotions, which can bend in any which
way in a given moment. The way in which the paper is carefully placed, the way the work is
oriented each contribute to the overall rhythm expressed in the work.
Lilianna’s strategic use of color further enhances the emotions of each piece. They range from
neons representing the giddiness of a first love, to the metallic tones imagining the eternal,
black and yellows for those warm ramen nights, and primary colors that bring you back to the
nostalgia of hanging out, playing video games, and the pure satisfaction when Dhalsim’s kick
K.O.’s your buddy in the final round.

All together, Lilianna’s work expresses the feelings and the makings of a beautiful life, in some
ways where your every day seems the same, but special when every moment is framed.


February 22, 2023 - March 6, 2023

Leon Gallery International

Making Wonder aka Guillermo's Workshop.jpg
White Noise.jpg
White Noise Also.jpg
Assembling Eternity Triptych1.jpg
Assembling Triptich2.jpg
Assembling Triptych3.jpg
Babababa Bababana.jpg
Dhalsim's Kick.jpg
Heihachis Flash Punch.jpg
Gameboy Night.jpg
Gangnam Style.jpg
Love Supreme.jpg
Super Trouper.jpg
Warm Ramen Nights.jpg
Flashlight Fight.jpg
Caviar Dreams.jpg
Champagne Wishes.jpg
That Feeling When.jpg
Whenever Paradise.jpg
Sorbetes Surprise.jpg
Ten Thousand Thoughts.jpg
Ten Thousand Delights.jpg
McNugget Meal on Grassy Field.jpg
When Your Eyes See.jpg
When Your Mouth Speaks.jpg
When Your Ears Hear.jpg
Same Dream, Same Mind.jpg
Loves me,Loves me Not.jpg


Sculpted Paper, Gouache, Oil Pastel, Pencil

Notes to Self is a series of mixed media and sculpted paper works forming visual reminders of wonder, encouragement and hope for those in need of a second, third or even fourth wind.

The works in Notes to Self are done with Lilianna's visual alphabet dictated by a material study of paper and metal. She accompanies the sculpted paper with bursts of pencil, acrylic paint and oil pastels; an ode to the first materials she dabbled

with in her childhood years. 

A great doctor whose last name goes by Seuss once said, " Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Lilianna continues the concept of fond, and not so fond memories serving as milestones that paint a grand picture of what makes life beautiful. This time, she draws from reminders to herself taken from music, books, her everyday surroundings, conversations and circumstance. 

Each piece serves as that sticky note you look at and tack on to your mirror or by your work space to stay anchored. It;s that breath of fresh air, and a place to rest before you jump back in and the nuances of the day add more strokes to your life;s picture. 


October 5, 2023 -November 30, 2023

Manila House

think IG.jpg
wonder IG.jpg
next thing ig.jpg
itsok ig.jpg
spring ig.jpg
phone ig.jpg
whistle ig.jpg
something new ig.jpg
brave ig.jpg
BeTS ig.jpg
youer IG.jpg
today was good ig.jpg
takes time ig.jpg
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