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Gold Plated Cast Silver

Welcome to Your Neighborhood!
A place of nostalgic memories to get you moving forward, and where bits of wonder come together for you to collect and treasure. Each component in this collection echoes a special person's trait that have encouraged me and pushed me forward along the way. They could be from people I have known for years or a random meaningful encounter with a stranger. In a world in between a lockdown and going back to normal, I saw that these little magical moments and snippets of warmth and home, in the mundane are what pushed me forward. 


Your Neighborhood features hand crafted jewelry using the lost wax method where each component is casted in silver, assembled to represent a memory or to commemorate someone, and then dipped in gold to finish it off. A small series of artworks in gouache and metal leaf on paper accompany these jewelry pieces. 

You don’t have to go that far. Put on those eyes of wonder and see what’s around your neighborhood. 

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