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Burl, Kamagong wood, gold plated silver, semi precious stones

The Befores are a collection running along the same line of my fascination with  Creation and history. These are made to look like collected specimens of creatures yet to be formed and frozen in the stages in between, capturing the time before God calls Creation in to motion. 


I have used ornate materials such as burl and kamagong wood, gold and various  stones to make these creatures have a precious jewel like appearance, as I see this  process of Creation to be as equally precious, dynamic and explosive.  


As my love for the applied arts has grown, I have showcased the skill of metal-smithing and the traditional method of water gilding in each piece.

2019 The Befores


This is an expansion of the first collection of The Befores, this time taking reference from street food and packaging for its composition. I featured the baroque pearl as a shout out to the Philippines as being known as the Pearl of the Orient. Im not sure why I went in this direction, but I liked the outcome!

2019 Befores 2.0
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