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My grandmother had a collection of fantastical animals in cloisonné . We had them mounted on our walls at home, and as a child used to look at each of them curiously and carefully, and on occasion hide the vitamins I did not like in them. 


It is unavoidable to not have come up with my own collection of creatures, growing up around these wonderful creations. I wanted to create my own world, and this was the start of it, the inhabitants. Perhaps it is a combination of all these objects, learning about strange animals, and the nuances of creation are what drive me to come up with these fellows; some whose forms resemble the familiar, and some that yet have to be seen. 

2012 Creature Feature
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Funktion was my first solo exhibit under my own practice. I always knew I was the kind of designer that made pieces that weren’t too serious looking. Even as far back as 2012 I just wanted people to have fun. I wanted to make pieces that would last long, showcase a craft, and even share little snippets of my fondest memories. Funktion was my first attempt to bring all of this together. I sought out to explore every material and process in the hopes of producing objects that stood as functional design objects. Whether it got the point across, I’m not sure! But it was fun, and it was the beginning of my journey.

2012 Funktion


These desk accessories are an ode to my mother’s and father’s work spaces, where ideas, schedules and documents were organized and held together by mini shoes, claws and creatures. My love for dinosaurs and everything prehistoric came out in these desk accessories. 


The process of cast brass has always caught my attention. One of the reasons is being that it is a process that has not changed much in history. The second is that so much detail can go into each piece. They all reflect the qualities of cast brass that I enjoy so much, coupled with my life long love for dinosaurs and fossils. 

2012 Dino Desk
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